Why society needs this more than ever

  • (des)information overload

    The process of acquiring practical wisdom is being sabotaged by the attention-driven economy, des-information based censorship and the separation of cultures.

  • Hollistic approach

    Whether you go to the doctor, car mechanic or business consultant; clarity and perspective on the big picture outside of their expertise is missing, causing blind spots.

  • Universal Communication

    We express ourselves through language, music & movement but forgot how to express universal laws, concepts & correlations and how to apply them.



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Juan Esteban Montoya

Meet our founder

Loving family man with a creative mind and curiosity for applications of ancient wisdom in modern times. Ever since his uncle gave him a spaceshuttle miniature at the age of 5, he started his journey as a self-proclaimed inventor, appearing on television by the age of 8. Years later he started Aerospace eng. at Delft University of Technology [NL] to later start his career as a "real", independent, inventor. He broadend his horizon with innovation, business and education tracks, leading him to the job he loves most; being an educational professional and sharing knowledge with other people. Juan loves creating, being in nature, art, sports, philosophy, history and is a passionate business developer auto-didact.
Juan Esteban Montoya

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